Organic NRG Drinks that focus on holistic health, rather than just physical performance.

Drinking PureHeart will redefine what you normally taste and feel when drinking energy drinks. PureHeart defines a completely new category of energy beverages. It’s developed for those who wants a health appealing organic NRG drink and provides a great way to boost your energy level.

A 100% Organic
Innovative Brand

PureHeart Energy are organic products that recognises the growing trend of organic beverages that are needed for our hectic lives. There is a clear demand for social responsibility and respect for our environment, this may be due to the health phenomenon that wants healthier products. PureHeart NRG is 100% Organic.

Your Life, Your Society, Your Body

PureHeart Energy introduces Carolina Vilanova as the front figure.

We are excited that our Spanish model, Carolina Vilanova will join our team. At PureHeart Energy, she will be the front figure and will develop and manage a custom media plan, which will include public relations, marketing, and social media.

“I am excited at the prospect of bringing PureHeart NRG to people throughout the world. Consumers today are more concerned about their health than ever before and PureHeart fills that need". - Says Carolina Vilanova.

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