– A Disciplined Mind Brings Happiness –

Presented by:
Bill Boyd: CEO & Founder of PureHeart Energy
Jose Manuel Vilanova: President of The Lumbini Garden Foundation

PureHeart Energy and Lumbini Garden Foundation have started a joint venture with a unique label of 100% Organic NRG Drinks. In this context it has been developed a unique design for the construction of the "Mahā Karunā Buddha” project in Cáceres, Spain.

Last year, Bill Boyd, CEO and Founder of PureHeart Energy, together with Jose Manuel Vilanova, President of The Lumbini Garden Foundation, presented the idea of 100% organic products to the countries involved in the project with the concept "A DISCIPLINED MIND BRINGS HAPPINESS". "We want to reach out in a whole new and different way where there is already an incredible amount of support and interest based on the story behind the products. The project has a massive media interest with a good marketing story behind".

A Gate Between East & West

The construction of the large Buddhist complex in the European continent (Cáceres, Spain) is of great importance and significance because it provides an opportunity to build a bridge of understanding and harmony between east and west.

As a central element of the great Project that the Lumbini Garden Foundation wants to bring to Cáceres, the seated Buddha statue will be one of the tallest on the planet and will constitute one of the emblematic images of Extremadura, which will join the "Spain" brand in its presence in the Asian market. Based on AHIMSA, the integral concept of Peace promoted by Asian cultures and rooted in ethics and the deepest social values of that continent, Asia and Europe will build a more solid bridge of dialogue and friendship that will allow a greater rapprochement of their citizens and greater cultural and commercial exchange.

A Disciplined Mind Brings Happiness

A percentage of the sales of this drink will go to fund for the construction of the "Mahā Karunā Buddha" project in the city of Cáceres (Spain). It will be the largest Buddhist center in Europe, promoted by the Lumbini Garden Foundation. The seated statue of the Buddha will be one of the tallest on the planet. A 40-meter-high statue with a 20-meter-high base will seat on the highest point of the Holy Land".

Your Opinion Matters

“I only drink energy drinks when necessary, but this one is actually very refreshing. I have been impressed with the overall quality and flavor of PureHeart products. I have truly enjoyed when I've needed a little "pep" in my daily routine.”

Eva Milla

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Alfonso Bustamante

“When I tried it, I thought it was just another product, one of those energy drinks that are becoming fashionable. But it is something different, something very new. It is a smooth and very natural flavor that invites you to take it slowly, savoring its nuances. I immediately understood why it is called “PureHeart”, because you notice how it hydrates you and how it gives you energy at the same time.”

Ricardo Guerrero