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Who we are

PureHeart Energy

PureHeart Energy was founded in 2019 by an entrepreneur danish group specialised in the development of organic products.– The company has a strong focus on nature and sustainability, therefore the production of the organic raw materials take place at one of the best flavour houses in Europe certified organic and produced with green energy. The company has it’s primary focus on the use of organic raw materials with natural superfoods from the Amazon.

Exclusive Design

Premium Cocktail

High-end Drinks

Our Mission

PureHeart promotes sustainable, environmentally friendly, mindful, conscious, and healthier consumer options that will satisfy the conscious and modern consumer. We have designed, developed, produced, and marketed a range of innovative organic drinks that meet the most strict quality and sustainability standards.

Our Vision

We are guided by our vision of becoming a leading company in the sustainable design, development, and marketing of innovative, healthier and organic energy drinks. We seek to offer consumers a clean and simple product with grape sugar content to prevent the intense intake of cane sugar and non sugar-free products.