PureHeart are 100% Organic NRG drinks made with fruits, spring water, grape sugar and organic caffeine from Guarana berries. This organic formula is vegan, non GMO and gluten-free with caffeine levels equivalent to two shots of espresso. It’s an innovative brand that recognises the growing trend of organic energy drinks.

PureHeart is all about natural taste and spring water. It is designed to give extra focus based on the philosophy of providing consumers with a 100% organic energy drink, that combines quality and energy with ecology. 

The drinks are made with organic fruits. Production of the organic raw materials takes place at one of the best flavour houses in Europe. All products categories are produced in an appropriate quantities according to PureHeart’s specification.

PureHeart is based on premium organic grape sugar, low on calories and high in taste. Scientists have discovered that the combination of caffeine and grape sugar will not lose effect when mixed. But with this combination it ensures a long lasting energy boost and not just a sugar shock.

Austria’s springs and seeps are known for their exceptional water quality. Our suppliers has access to crystal-clear water with a wide range of levels of mineralization. Our private labeling clients benefit from these high quality and diverse waters.

In both of our product lines, the caffeine comes from organic Guarana berries. The carriers are different from “the common caffeine” because they contain the related molecules theobromine and theophylline. The Guarana berries comes from native South American plants, which for centuries have been used by locals to raise awareness. At the same time, Guarana stimulates the cognitive function of the brain for better concentration. The berries contain 3-4% more caffeine than Arabic coffee, which has 1-2% caffeine. The carriers are constant stimulants which can last up to 6 hours.