PureHeart Energy ApS was founded in 2018 by an entrepreneurial group consisting of Bill Boyd and Kim Kristensen with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.

They have worked in the food and beverage industry for more than 20 years. During this time the group have been collaborating with prestigious companies.

Now they are using their knowledge and market experience to create attractive organic products and work with a highly experienced group of nutritionists and producers to create 100% Organic NRG drinks.

PureHeart is an innovative brand. The company has it’s primary focus on the use of organic raw materials with natural superfoods from the Amazon. A Danish based company which distributes their products worldwide.

To make a difference in the market, PureHeart sets itself against the processes by creating an organic drink that has lower sugar. The drinks taste refreshingly and appeals to market demands. There is an increasing recognition of the importance of low sugar in our beverages. We introduce and offer a healthier product that prevents the intense intake of sugar which is one of the biggest challenges in today’s society.

The green world — organic products are more expensive. PureHeart rivals through good management with extensive experience and competencies. We unite the two worlds with a sustainable organic product that is price competitive. PureHeart can reconcile energy drinks with sustainability and professional targeted marketing.

We work actively with sustainability which is the core of all levels for our company, especially when it comes to choosing suppliers for our products.

Our suppliers must comply with a special Code of Conduct. This includes the importance of the products we buy must be produced in a sustainable manner and each supplier has to focus on the environment and working conditions.

The company is committed to donate 1% of their revenue. We support projects worldwide to help people gain access to education, research into a greener world, micro-finance, and agricultural support.